Meaning Dream of Broken, Broom and Brush/ Comb

Daftar Isi [Tutup]

    Dream Meaning of Comb

    To see a comb in a dream denotes that you will have a journey, change a method and show a change. You will travel in order to correct a condition which goes wrong about your job. If the comb is new, your travel will be enjoyable and profitable. An old comb in a dream denotes a boring and expensive travel.

    To see an iron comb in your dream may represent that you will change your appearance by having an arbitrary operation about your body. If you see a wood comb in your dream, this tells that you will have a simple surgery about your health and get rid of your trouble completely. If you see a broken comb in your dream, it refers to a journey which you will have regarding the update of your family. If you see that the comb is broken as you comb your hair, you will be at odds with your friend.

    To see of buying a comb in your dream means that you will have regular journeys in order to earn your keep. If you give or sell a comb in your dream, it denotes that you will meet with your old friend during a journey or trip and have a conversation.

    To dream that you take a comb as a gift indicates that you will hear stinger and be demoralized. If you give a comb as a gift, you hurt your friend with your sayings involuntarily.

    To clean the comb in your dream implies that you will give up your bad tempers and by this way, you will gain your lost prestige again.

    To dream that you comb your hairs suggests that you will get rid of your debts. If another person combs your hairs, you will finish your debt by means of your relative without effort.

    To see that the comb coils into your hair as you comb your hairs in your dream means that a problem which you think you save from will emerge again.

    To dream that you comb another person’s hair indicates that you will do a common business with the enemy of your friend for your interest. To see that the comb coils into another person’s hair as you comb this person’s hairs in your dream suggests that your friend will separate your ways with you because s/he will learn that you do business with his/her enemy.

    In this article, I will discuss some common meanings behind dreams about Broken, Broom and Brush/ Comb. Each dreamer needs to find his or her own personal meaning among the common observations.

    1. Broken

    (See Dismantle)

    If something is broken in a dream then it brings your attention to the fact that something in your life needs repairs, you will of course have to work out exactly what needs mending, but this dream merely wants you to think about if this is possible for you to do. Sometimes we are shown that something is broken beyond repair; this is so that we can accept this and move forward in another direction. Breakages in a dream could symbolise break ups or picking up the pieces left behind by broken bonds, you could be trying to reassemble the remnants of a damaged relationship. Cracks help us to understand how cracks can appear in relationships and if left unchecked will continue until there is complete ruin.

    2. Broom

    (See Cleaning/Dust/Sweeping)

    A broom represents the tools that you have at hand to clear away negativity when you are presented with it in its many forms; these tools are skills that you have developed over time to deal with hurt or hindrances that are in your way. Dust for example symbolise remnants from the past, so you are attempting to use the skills you have acquired to clear your space of all the negative things that have built up over time. A clean sweep.

    3. Brush/Comb

    (See Hair/Tangle)

    It doesn’t really matter what you are brushing or combing in a dream you are basically trying to unravel a situation or untangle your own thoughts and feelings. If you are brushing your hair, then perhaps you are mentally attempting to work out a solution for an ongoing problem that you have in your life. You are untangling what has happened so that you can relax and carry on. To be brushing an animal is to try and untangle somebody’s nature or personality, you are trying to understand them or help them understand themselves, and it could be that their own nature or personality has put the