Meaning Dream of Camera, Camuflage and Canal

Daftar Isi [Tutup]

    In this article, I will discuss some common meanings behind dreams about Camera, Camuflage and Canal. Each dreamer needs to find his or her own personal meaning among the common observations.

    1. Camera

    (See Photographs/Film)

    Cameras usually symbolise remembering specific times or people from a certain period in your life, there may be information from that time that you need now. If you are taking photographs with a camera then you are trying to capture a specific moment in time and this helps you to take a closer look at a situation and see it with m ore clarity. Sometimes you are shown a snap shot of the future in this way.

    - A snappy person
    - Snap decisions.

    2. Camouflage

    Camouflage provides a self-explanatory symbol, you are either hiding behind it, using it as a form of protection or something is being hidden from you.

    3. Canal

    (See Loch/Water)

    The emotional routes that people take to get to where they want to be, note any obstacles on the canal or your method of transport to help with your translation and gain a better understanding of the emotional journey that you are currently on. Certain restrictions apply.