Meaning Dream of Clots, Clouds and Coat Hanger.

Daftar Isi [Tutup]

    Meaning Dream

    In this article, I will discuss some common meanings behind dreams about Clots, Clouds and Coat Hanger. Each dreamer needs to find his or her own personal meaning among the common observations.

    1. Clots

    You must decide what is clogged in your life, perhaps information is not getting through, it could be a message or idea that isn’t getting through to someone, but it could also be a physical manifestation and your body or mind is not getting all that it needs to function happily.

    2. Clouds 

    (See Weather)

    Storm clouds warn of rain and rain symbolise tears falling whereas a few whispy clouds can symbolise passing thoughts and ideas that you have. A clouded judgement.

    3. Coat Hanger 

    (See Clothes)

    Clothes are the façade they we create for other people, they present a front that we wish to share with the people around us, we can change that image daily. A coat hanger will uphold or support the image that we present when we are not using it.
    Therefore, a coat hanger can symbolise how you are attempting to keep up appearances but this isn’t always possible to maintain. Just hang your coat up on people who judge you. 

    If there is a problem with a coat hanger in your dream, if it is broken or has no hanging ability then you are unable to find the real you in the façade that you have created.
    A coat is a symbol of warmth and protection, perhaps you do not feel particularly warm and protected.

    Get over your hang ups!