One Piece Manga Release Schedule Chapter 955

Daftar Isi [Tutup]

    No one would have thought that what happened in the latest one piece chapter 954 manga was one of the important moments for the alliance both for the radio and big mom alliance or the kozuki and luffy and law alliance and maybe in 6 days we will witness the great battle of the yonkou alliance war. against the wano alliance.

    Well, whatever has happened in chapter 954, of course, in the previous article Mimin has reviewed many scenes of the Zoro groove along with Kawamatsu and Hiyori and the next is Kaido and Big Mom who are now united.

    Okay we are preparing for the next plan of the Kozuki servants, who are members of nine red scabbards who seem to know each other's plans to develop a war strategy towards Onigashima. There is a kinemon who is the commander or regulator of war strategy and at the same time leads the meeting.

    Thanks to the late Mr. Yasue the nine red scabbards members know the plan where they should gather and how to get to Onigashima Island. This might be difficult to explain by Mimin in detail.

    What is certain is that in the next 5 days to the battlefield on the island of Onigashima Kineom and others have been communicating intensely and may hold a meeting to arrange strategies to enter into two lanes. choose upward with koi or choose to enter the cave.

    But while waiting for the meeting apparently there is still time left where franky seems to be completing the repair of damaged ships. If according to Mimin, the ability of Franky in making and patching ships is undoubtedly well oplovers.

    Now back again that this time Mimin forgot that the late Mr. Yasui was very meritorious with a variety of symbols and trickery mpara nine scabbards were able to gather 5000 troops.

    This is possible if the patin mimin includes a complete package with the detainees in Udon. We know that in comic 954 there is also Luffy who is being trained by Hyogoro's boss. Luffy was beating iron to be able to injure the strong kaido skin.

    It seems that Luffy is also trying to increase the strength of his rights under the guidance of Hyogoro's grandfather. But unfortunately it is very short. Ending from one piece 954 is the joining of kaido and big mom to celebrate an annual party.

    And the funny thing is that commander like Queen is gawking, oplovers, because they previously fought to kill each other, but suddenly changed to become an alliance, clearly astonished the top commander.

    One-piece horror news for the latest manga chapter 955 will be released in 2 weeks. Obviously, Oda Sensei seems to want a vacation and oplovers, please be patient. because the chpater 955 manga one piece release schedule will be released on Friday September 13 2019.