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    One Piece Prediction 959 Hi Nakama meets again with a sick mimin. There is news next Sunday off ..: v Really ... But it's not a mimin Depe chan if we don't make One Piece manga Spoiler for chapter 959. Alright minna we just peeled Spoiler and all Predictions that will happen in the upcoming OP 959. Straight to

    Bege in Dresdrossa

    The beginning of the cover of OP chapter 958 is still about Bege looking for Lola. But Beg and Sipon haven't met yet, but also don't understand why Oda sensei always highlights Bege on the covers of several manga chapters. Here it is known that Bigmom has 2 twins. but why come to find Lola.

    In Dresdrossa the news of the dissolution of the Sichibukai had reached Bege's ear. Bege was surprised to find out that Morgan's News Coverage had spread everywhere and also thought that the chaos in alabasta had occurred after a riverie meeting in Marijoala yesterday. puzzle why the royal kings must be escorted by the navy. Mimin suspects that Sabo's guise was uncovered at Riverie and Sabo caused chaos until Sabo escaped and was able to escape but unfortunate for the king Cobra alabasta who was considered a traitor by the goresei for asking about poneglyph but in an attempt to kill Cobra the king of alabasta was apparently saved by Sabo from the abduction practice of abduction by alabasta agents.

    The mystery of Oden who wants to open Wano

    There is a mystery where Agent Seword X-Drake turns out to be a navy spy. the goal in Wano was to investigate the weapons of destruction of plutons because it was revealed that the poneglyph-making tribe was made in Wano and all were carried out by the Kozuki and Oden tribes including the Kozuki clan. There are special abilities of the Kozuki clan such as Hiyori and Momonusuke. remember when Momonusuke spoke to Zou in the giant elephant. Even though Luffy can hear Zou's voice, Luffy can't talk to Zou. Momonusuke and Hiyori are heirs to the abilities of the Kozuki clan who are experts in making poneglyph. remember that roger can hear the poneglyph sound even though he is unable to read it. That is why Hiyori can easily give Oden the inheritance weapon namely Zoro's enma sword.

    and the existence of poneglyph related to pluto weapons then the opportunity for frengky and robin to uncover more secrets about the kozuki clan.

    the existence of x-drake is not overseeing the movements of kaido and orochi who do business on artificial devil fruit and kaido mission to create the strongest forces from experimental trials of artificial devil fruit .. SMILE .. so it was revealed x-drake was a multi agent from the navy and That is the reason why I refused to go to Wano before receiving information from his spy that is X-Drake,

    Change in the Orochi Plan

    In OP chapter 955. we already know that Orochi already knew about the planned attack on the day of the fire banquet / Kagura celebration. and knew that Hiyori was still alive and in a northern cemetery. here is a plot that oda sensie shows namely Law. law learned about this and then moved the position of the rebel forces and left the debris "of the shipbuilding."

    when in chapter 958, it appears that orochi is sailing towards onigashima .. you don't know on the orochi ship the rebel troops sneak in because Nami has predicted the weather on a clear day will turn into a storm at night.

    There was a change in the plan where Nami proposed an acceleration to sneak on the Orochi ship and Oochi intended to meet onigashima to report on the planned attack / coup to Kaido. without Orochi, it turns out that they had sneaked on Orochi ship.

    Kyoshiro is Denjiro

    the plot where Kyoshiro lived in the Flower Palace. remember in another chapter we know that Kyoshiro has known Hiyori. why Kyoshiro hid the existence of Hiyori to Oochi. and who has protected Hiyori all this time. And according to Mimin, it was definitely Shioshiro who kept Hiyori so she could live and survive this long.

    Kyoshiro chose to stay in the Wano castle to maintain the security of the Wano capital and guard Hiyori. if Kyoshiro is not denjiro. Why only Kyoshiro guarded the capital of Wano if Hiyori had not been arrested. Isn't it fun if Hiyori is executed during a fire party and Kaido will be happy for sure. Here Orochi has assigned Kyoshiro to execute Hiyori without Orochi knowing that Kyoshiro and Hiyori knew each other.

    Message on a Small Boat

    Arriving momonusuke at the port of tokage, how shocked was Kinemon to see the wreckage of the scattered ships and only a small ship left that made the Red Scaban's hopes hopeless. But they didn't realize that Luffy always couldn't follow the plan and always acted first ... Inurashi found a small piece of the boat and still asked where the 4,000 rebel troops were. remember that frengky made ships with a capacity of 10,000 more ... well ...  There will be surprises that Oda Sensei has prepared.

    Nekomomushi and X Commander Shiroige headed for Wano

    Nekomomushi is one of Oden's followers and is included in the Red Scaban ranks. there are 7 red scaban and 2 of them have not yet appeared in wano namely nkomomushi and denjiro. Remember that the one with Momonusuke is Shinobi. ok How is it possible that the Nekomomushi did not participate in the plan of attack, whether Marco took part or not? Certainly, the Nekomomushi will not wait long for the plan of attack in Wano.

    Marco brought together all the former commanders of the Sichibukai division and to restore the spirit of the Shiroige pirates to achieve their honor and together go to Wano with Nekomomushi.

    Mihawk and Boa are forced

    there is a new naval force namely SSG. the reason why the world government abolished sichibukai and even immediately wanted to catch it. and why only admirals were sent to capture the sichibukai. It's not that the navy will lose and it should be at least an admiral level that can capture and conquer former sichibukai. well the work of vegan punk doctors uses SSG to test the power of SSG substitutes. pie do you think ca '

    Orochi will be killed at the Kagura banquet

    Remember that bigmom and kaido alliance. why cooperation can happen ... yeah ... because they are members of Rock's pirates ... and the toughest rival of Roger. This power of 2 yongkou is more frightening and of course Oochi is only piont because here Oochi is shocked to see Bigmom who is partying with Kaido. and there is only 1 king in wano. remember, aren't the members of the pirate rocks willing to kill each other, even if their friends are all the same. after all the important role in the smile fruit / artificial devil fruit is not too influential even CP-0 agents killed by Orochi, this makes Oochi must ask for protection from the kaido unless Orochi has a plan to drop the kaido. Really, nakama can believe in ugly orochi ...

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