Review One Piece 958 - release chapter 959

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    Chapter 957 gives us a lot of information that happened in the ocean several decades ago. As stated in the chapter, it turns out there is a group of pirates who are stronger than Roger, the Pirate Rocks. What is surprising is that the pirate turned out to have a crew that is now a Yonko, namely Big Mom, Kaido, and also Whitebeard.

    Then, what will happen in the next chapter? We will still be given a picture of what happened in the past. The story will show how Roger pirates held a big party before the era of the biggest pirates began. At the party, we were shown the crew of Roger pirates ranging from Crocus, Rayleigh, Buggy, Shanks, even Oden.

    The State of Wano has always been a closed state for a long time, and Oden decided to reopen the country of Wano in the last 20 years to be visited by his men. The story then returns to 25 years after, which is in the present. In this chapter we are told that the third round of the Wano arc has begun.

    At the end we see how Momonosuke and his subordinates went to Udon, the promised place to meet before leaving for the island of Onigashima. But, Momonosuke was really surprised when he saw no one there. He did not see any ships and 4000 troops going to the island of Onigashima.

    Based on what happened to the injured Inuarashi, as well as the destroyed ships, it seems like those who left first have been attacked. Aside from having to lose battleships, Momonosuke also found it difficult to contact Luffy and Hyougoro. As expected, the attack seemed to have been carried out by troops from Orochi. Because, he already knew about the attack.

    Not enough info about Gol D. Roger? One Piece Spoiler 958 shows a flashback that highlights Roger, where the pirate king appears.

    This leak is based on a translation from Sandman Arlong Park. It was revealed that there would be a section showing Roger's group drinking party, before the Era of Pirate Glory began. Shanks, Buggy, Crocus, Rayleigh, Gabop Scopper, and Kozuki Oden were present at the party.

    Oden is said to be planning to open Wano in 20 years, assisted by his great subordinates.

    One Piece Spoiler 958 also mentions that after 25 years, the third round of Wano begins.

    Momonosuke and his men gathered at Udon, but no ship was found. There are signs of attack.

    Momonosuke also couldn't contact Luffy and Hyou. There was an incident the night before.
    At present, the One Piece 958 spoiler has not given a clarity about the fate of Sabo and Vivi.

    If there are further updates (usually 18:00 ), I will write it down. We'll see if Oda will really make us curious about the fate of Sabo and Vivi until the end of the third round.

    That's what was revealed in the One Piece spoiler 958. What do you think?
    The One Piece Manga has now started the third round for the Wano arc. The tension of the story itself has not subsided after the second half of the Wano arc is closed. In the latest chapter yesterday, we were presented with a pretty sad story where the Luffy's alliance forces had to be detained at the port of Udon because there wasn't a single ship that was leaning or there were no troops coming.

    The fans were also intrigued by what happened the night before. However, it seems like One Piece fans have to wait a little longer than usual. This is because chapter 959 of One Piece will not be published next week or rather on the 11th of October. This is because according to his schedule, Oda sensei took a break or a break that week.

    One Piece's latest chapter will re-appear on October 18 when Weekly Shonen Jump's weekly tabloid volume 47 is released. There is a possibility that in the latest chapter we will be presented with stories about what happened the night before, about how the ships that had been used to go to Onigashima were attacked and destroyed.

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    We might also know where Luffy, Hyougoro, and other alliances will be attacking on Onigashima. Because, as Denden Mushi knew, Kin'emon brought in fact could not be used to contact them. Let's just wait for the latest Geeks story from One Piece.