All Sorts Of Dreams Of Christmas And Their Meaning


Dream About Christmas 

Generally, if you dream it is Christmas then you are being shown that you have much to be grateful for. Gifts that you receive in a dream do not necessarily translate as gifts that you get in the material sense but gifts or talents that you should take more notice of. You have attributes that are worth much more than money and you should give these freely to others.
- You are making links with your spiritual self.
- Value what you have.

1. Angels

(See Angels)

Angels can show you that you have help at hand; unconditional love will surround and protect you. They bring you a unique message of love from someone who you cannot be, with especially at Christmas time.
Christmas Cards
- Remembering those that you love and cherish and they you. 
- Blessings are being sent to you.

2. Christmas Tree

Dreaming about a Christmas tree has a similar meaning to dreaming about Christmas and links to your spiritual growth and celebrating all the personal treasures you have. In dreams Christmas trees are used to highlight the fact that you have come full circle, the New Year would suggest starting again afresh.A Christmas tree has also been used to symbolise the way in which people recognise their own true worth, it is ordained and decorated with all the different attributes we have, and these personal qualities are what make us complete and unique.
- Evergreens can highlight the longevity of relationships or projects.
- Continued growth and strength.

3. Christmas pudding 

- Lucky and fruitful for the dreamer, a wish coming true.
- Maturity.

4. Christmas Decorations

Decorations symbolise the effort we put into creating an aura or atmosphere around us for other people to appreciate, this also links with our spirituality because it is what we create for others that helps towards our spiritual growth. The decorations are a symbol of what we have achieved in the past and if the decorations are old or worn then it is time for a fresh approach, changes need to be made to the way you apply yourself to the new beginnings that are on offer.  Baubles symbolise the whole picture, or the soul in its completion. Tinselcan symbolise that you are at a time of commemoration for all your hard work.  An affirmation of your hard work.

5. Holly

Holly can be prickly and beautiful all at the same time and reminds you that beauty comes from dealing with the prickly things in life and that getting hurt comes with the territory. Real growth in your relationships requires you to deal with the whole person and not just the best bits.

6. Jesus

Religious imagery connects us with our spirituality and sometimes Jesus turns up in a dream to show us that we have help and healing available to us.
- Jesus always brings the highest help available.
- Unconditional love and support.

7. Lights

- Light provides a good pure source of energy to draw from.
- Enlightenment.
- A beacon to guide us on our way.

8. Santa 

A figure of wisdom that can help you to understand the need to pass your personal gifts and spiritual knowledge onto others.
-Christmas blessings are sent your way.

9. Presents and Gifts

Opening presents symbolises getting thanks for all the things that you do for others; you are receiving spiritual gifts and blessings.
You are being presented with something of greater value to you than material gifts.
- Rewards for honourable deeds.
- Live for the present.

10. Reindeer and Sleigh

These wonderful animals symbolise the help available to you on your spiritual journey, they provide the energy and magic needed to lift you up and carry you on your way. The sleigh will symbolise the physical help being offered to you to carry the baggage which has become a burden. The gift they bring is help for your own spiritual progression and a way forward.

11. Stars

-You are a star.
- Reach for the stars.
- A guiding light.
- A spiritual guide.

12. Sweets 

(See Food)
To be eating sweets can symbolise sweet memories and contented moments.
-  Enjoy the sweet tender moments when they arise.
- The pleasant things in life.

13. Snow

(See Ice)

Emotions go through stages and cycles from raw, as in rain, to cold and icy, as in snow, or melting away altogether. The cycles of the seasons help to remind you that situations change and for personal balance we must experience all of them. If everything is covered in snow then you might feel completely overcome by the lack of emotional warmth in your environment at this present time, it will change, as this phase is temporary and will pass into a new and warm cycle for you to enjoy, we need the quiet and still of the winter to ensure that we are rested enough for the summer.
- Emotional sadness.
- Hardening of emotions.
- Inflexible situations.

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Meaning Dream of Camera, Camuflage and Canal

In this article, I will discuss some common meanings behind dreams about Camera, Camuflage and Canal. Each dreamer needs to find his or her own personal meaning among the common observations.

1. Camera

(See Photographs/Film)

Cameras usually symbolise remembering specific times or people from a certain period in your life, there may be information from that time that you need now. If you are taking photographs with a camera then you are trying to capture a specific moment in time and this helps you to take a closer look at a situation and see it with m ore clarity. Sometimes you are shown a snap shot of the future in this way.

- A snappy person
- Snap decisions.

2. Camouflage

Camouflage provides a self-explanatory symbol, you are either hiding behind it, using it as a form of protection or something is being hidden from you.

3. Canal

(See Loch/Water)

The emotional routes that people take to get to where they want to be, note any obstacles on the canal or your method of transport to help with your translation and gain a better understanding of the emotional journey that you are currently on. Certain restrictions apply.
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