One Piece Prediction 958: Preparation for the Great Navy War

Chapter 957 is the most talked about chapter by fans at the moment. How not, the chapter is arguably full of very extraordinary information. One of them is that we know that there is someone far superior to Roger, namely Rocks D. Xebec. He is a legendary pirate whose name does not want to be known to the public.

The extraordinary thing about Rocks is that his crew are also extraordinary people. Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom used to be subordinates to Rocks. Then, roughly what will happen in chapter 958? First is we will finally know what the Shichibukai will do to the navy.

In chapter 955 yesterday we were told that in the outcome of the Reverie negotiations, one of the decisions that came up was the dissolution of the Shichibukai. Because it was officially disbanded, the Shichibukai are now prisoners of the navy and they have started going to their hiding place. As a pirate, surely they will surely fight and will not surrender or be detained by the navy.

So far, the navy has gone to the Amazon island to take Boa Hancock, then Mihawk, and Weevil along with the Whitebeard pirates. Another prediction is that we will likely see how revolutionary forces try to dig up information about Sabo. One of the revolutionary forces was reportedly killed by a newspaper led by Morgans.

However, the news is an "order" from the world government. It seems that the world government wants to try to lure out revolutionary troops with the news of Sabo's death. As suggested by Dragon, they naturally had to find out about the truth of the news. Another thing that is likely to be discussed is about what is happening in the world.

It looks like the third round of the Wano arc is still not about to begin. There will still be a lot that Oda Sensei will try to show before we finally enter the final round of this arc. We might see how the navy prepares to go to the Wano region, even though according to Sakazuki they don't have the resources to hold what will happen there.

Because, according to Sengoku himself both Kaido and Big Mom are both pirates who can bring disaster. If they were allied, surely destruction would surely occur. So, whatever happens the navy must try to find ways to stop the alliance. It is not impossible, what happened in the past 38 years has been repeated: piracy and navy cooperation.

We might also be shown how Jinbe and the other pirates who were on Whole Cake Island made preparations to go to the Wano region. Of course, to help Luffy defeat Kaido and Big Mom.
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